Inside Post Mounts
  • Runs can be installed into a single post without the need to offset.
  • Sleek and modern fitting designs.
  • Cable must be measured and cut to the appropriate length.
inside post mount for cable railing

Inside Post Mount Kits
inside post kit 300 for cable railing
Two-piece lag allows for easy installation using a hex key.
Kit includes locking fitting, tensioning fitting, wood lag bolts for both fittings, cable with attached stud and lock nut.
Available in 5', 10' ,15', 20', 25' and 40' kits.
inside post kit 500 for cable railing
Pivots for stairs or unique angles.
Kit includes locking fitting, tension fitting, lag bolts for both fittings, lag eyes with screws, cable with attached stud, and lock nut.
Available in 5', 10', 15', and 20' kits.

inside post kits for cable railing
Pictured: Combination of 300 and 102 series

Ultra-tec® Flex System
  • Fittings do not require swaged cable. Simply insert loose cable into the locking fittings.
  • One fitting will also act as the tensioning end.
  • Uses 1/8′′ loose cable. Sold in 100 (Item# 9100) or 500 (Item# 9500) foot spools.
  • Each system should have one tensioning end and one locking end.
  • Fittings are sold individually or in packs of ten.
  • Compatible with most composite sleeve installations.
Cable railing flex system

Flex Cable System Video

Flex Cable System Video